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In 2020 we do not offer Apnea Total Courses.

We only offer Molchanovs





Freediving, also called breath-hold diving or Apnea, is diving on a single breath of air. It is the most natural way to explore the underwater world.

Simply hold your breath.


Without a scuba tank, you are no longer just an observer, you are part of the ocean. When freediving, you are closer to marine life. Without bulky equipment, noise and bubbles that come with scuba you become just another aquatic creature.

You will be surprised what you can achieve in only a few days.  Diving on one breath is easier for humans than you would expect. Come and see for yourself...

Wake up your inner dolphin!


Apnea Total

Freedive Perhentian follows the Apnea Total Freediving Education System which provides certifications that are recognized worldwide. Apnea Total upholds the highest standards of freediving safety, instruction and education and is one of the largest certifying freediving organizations in the world.

Our courses are designed to make freediving available to everyone. Students are guided through this incredible experience with great care in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Apnea Total's special breathing techniques, in combination with a carefully designed training program taught by competent instructors, has proven over and over to be a success formula for an ever growing number of freedivers. No matter if you are aspiring to be the next world champion, or if you just want to enhance your snorkeling abilities, we will set you on the right track!

Apnea Total was founded in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the largest freediving-only organizations. A team of highly trained instructors is ready to introduce you to the fantastic sport of freediving on a large number of locations across the globe. Find out where:


We are moving...

Freedive Perhentian ran in cooperation with Spice Divers for the last 3 years and we regret having to leave these great people.

We will move to Seahorse Divers this year. Also located on Long Beach, Perhentian Kecil.

If you've been to Freedive Perhentian before, don't worry. You will easily find us as Seahorse is just next door from where we used to be.

Of course we will try to keep the chilled out atmosphere of our school so you can feel like coming home to your  freedive family.

Located on Long beach, the bustling center of the Perhentian Islands, we want to remain the calm oasis where you can truly relax, while still being in walking distance from all restaurants, bars, and activities.

We'll be working together with the scuba school, so if you or your friends want to combine your freediving experience with scuba diving we will be happy to help you with booking a package

See you in Paradise!