Our Team



- Owner + Apnea Total Master Instructor - 

I entered the world of freediving purely by coincidence when I was on a business trip to Indonesia in 2014 . On a weekend trip to Bali while snorkeling the amazing Tulamben wreck and following turtles deeper and deeper into the blue seas, I discovered a freedive school and got hooked immediately.

After doing my beginner course in Bali, I have crossed over to various agencies through SSI, AIDA and CMAS, doing courses and diving with friends and dive clubs.

Being from Germany, I dived many lakes and went on holidays to Greece, Egypt, Austria etc... whenever I could but-- it never felt like enough.

So, I set out to do my master course with Apnea Total in Honduras in 2016. This was where I decided to become an instructor.

In 2017, I started teaching at Freedive Utila in Honduras and in June 2018 I moved to Bali to work-- back where everything started for me. 

After one Year at Apnea Bali, I got the chance to move on to Perhentian and I am ready to spread the passion that changed my life.


- Molchanows + SSI Instructor -

Howie is a certified SSI and Molchanovs freediving instructor from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is now focusing on teaching freediving with Molchanovs Education System. He discovered freediving while he was working holiday on an island in Taiwan back in summer 2016 since then the passion hasn’t stopped him from growing. Freediving to Howie is a spiritual journey of healing inner self, learning how to be honest and humble to our own body as well as life. 

He is passionate about coaching freediving, with his playful, humorous and lovable personalities, he makes his teaching extra fun and interesting. Besides, he is excellent at simply explaining complicated theories, making it easier for his students to understand. Students will not feel bored and always have fun while learning. 

Howie has worked for Blue Immersion Freediving Thailand for quite a while. Blue Immersion is one of the busiest freediving schools in the industry. Moreover, he also has the experience of coaching freediving in Deep Week - the great freedivers camp organised by Molchanovs in Bali. Since 2018, he has certified over 300 students coming from all around the world. With his fruitful expertise in freediving and coaching, Howie is ready to share the freediving world to all the students that come to Freedive Perhentian.




Our History

Freedive Perhentian was founded in 2016 by Bram de Jong.

After working for a scuba school in the Perhentians for years, he decided that the island was the perfect place to offer freediving courses too. So he opened this little Apnea Total branch.

Claudia and Bram had met in Honduras in spring 2016 when they both did their master course at Freedive Utila. 

Both very passionate about diving and their personal progress, they would never have imagined that only a year later they would both be teaching apnea and finally have their own school.

When Bram decided to leave Perhentian for good after the season of 2018, Claudia got in touch and took over the little oasis to start the new season 2019. be continued


Our Island: Perhentian Kecil

The Perhentian Islands are located just a short boat ride off the east coast of Malaysia, in the calm and beautiful waters of the gulf of Thailand.

There are two of them. The small one and the big one.  You will notice quickly, that Malaysians are usually pretty straight forward...

The ocean around Perhentian is not very deep. Our main dive site is 20- 25 meters and can only be reached by boat. The maximum depth we can reach in good conditions is around 35 meters so the island is perfect to discover what Freediving is all about.

Quiet white sand beaches and dense tropical rain forest, healthy reefs and diverse marine life await you as well as bustling night life on Long Beach. Turtles come to nest here and you might stumble across one on your way home from dinner. 

Enjoy a water melon juice and some fresh grilled fish. But as you are in a muslim country, don't expect to be served alcohol in every restaurant.

The freediving season is short. From  April to September it's lovely weather for diving: Calm seas and good visibility with hardly any swell. But as soon as the monsoon rolls in (usually middle of October) we're off the island and long beach is the first place to be evacuated. Only the fisherman village will be populated  while the dive shops are deserted for almost half a year.