Freediver Course(Apnea Total)

This course is not available currently

2½ Days  =  880 RM

Extended version: 3½ Days 1.080 RM

Our Freediver course is designed to make you feel safe and comfortable under water.

Learning to freedive should always be fun and we will teach you how to enjoy this beautiful sport in groups of maximum 3 students. The maximum depth is 20 meters.

Included in the course fee:

* Equipment: freediving masks + snorkels, suits, long fins, weight belts

* certification from Apnea Total

* private online access to the Freediver Course materials


* Must be able to independently swim 200 meters with or without fins.

* Minimum age 15 years

Extended Version:

Add an additional day of diving to your course and practice your skills in a chilled environment outside the course schedule.

(Each additional coaching session is 200 RM / each fundive is 75 RM)

The course structure is as follows:

1st Day:  we start at 2 pm



  • Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines

  • Familiarization with equipment

  • Duck-dives – Effective underwater entry technique

  • Kicking technique

  • Equalization techniques

  • Breathing techniques

  • Recovery breathing

  • Hydration and diet

2nd Day: we start at 9 am 



  • Preparation of equipment

  • Stretching

  • Practice of efficient breathing techniques

  • Free-Immersion dives

  • Buoyancy check

  • Duck dives and kicking technique

  • Constant Weight dives

  • Maximum depth 12 meters​


  • Review and feedback on water session 1

  • Fine-tuning the breathing technique

  • Physiological responses

  • Safety considerations 

  • Safety and rescue procedures in the water

3rd Day:  we start at 8:45 am



  • Pranayama and Bandhas – yogic breathing and stretching with application to freediving

  • Warm up dives

  • Free-Immersion and Constant Weight dives

  • Safety and rescue procedures and practice

  • Buddy team work

  • Maximum depth 20 meters


  • Enjoy the end of the course with a snorkeling trip

  • Apply what you have learned during the course, swimming under water

  • Interact with marine life

  • Beautiful reef, the Police Wreck or Turtle Bay

We finish the course around 2 pm


(*not included in the course fee)

  • For an surcharge we can take footage of your dives

  • Additional to your instructor a master freediver will be present during water session 2 and the fundive to take videos and photos 

  • Please bring a USB stick

         Price: 180 RM

Static Apnea

(Apnea Total)

This course is not available currently

(*not included in the freediver course fee)

Add an additional day to your Freediver Course and learn how to hold your breath for up to 3 minutes or more. Discover your full breath-hold ability and find out what no one knows about themselves: Your body has a fascinating inbuilt oxygen-conservation-mode

Wake up the dolphin inside you!

Price:  300 RM

The course structure is as follows:


  • Mammalian dive reflex

  • Specific breathing technique for static apnea, pool and dry training

  • Breath-hold exercises

  • Relaxation, mind and body control techniques

  • Training routine for increasing breath-hold capabilities


  • Body position and relaxation

  • Preparation for a maximum breath-hold

  • Maximum static apnea attempts

  • Breath-holds of up to 3+ minutes

  • Safety procedures and practice

Freedive Perhentian  |  Malaysia

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