What is the Molchanovs Freediving Education?

Made by the best freediver in history, Nathalia Molchanova. By freedivers, for freedivers. This organisation is all about teaching you the right way from the beginning. If you want to learn from the best instructors and make sure that your instructor is trustworthy and has a true passion for freediving, then this organisation is for you. What’s so different with the molchanovs system, is that you can continue your training and follow a training schedule from the website and be part of the molchanovs community.

You will be taught this incredible course by Howie.

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We Offer:

Try Freediving

1 day | 550 RM

without certification


Molchanovs Courses with certification:

Wave 1 ( Beginner Course)

2,5 days | 1250 RM |

minimum depth 12 meters

maximum depth 20 meters

Wave 2 ( Advanced Course)

3,5 days | 1700 RM |

minimum depth 24 meters

maximum depth 30 meters